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Students love wearing t-shirts with their favorite campus logo on it. Universities love have students wear their shirts. It’s Win-Win campus advertising.

Tell your campus story, with a t-shirt inside!


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Turn “Accepted” students into “Enrolled” students when you send them a “book” with a “Congratulations!” and “Welcome!” message. Mail it like a thick postcard, or we’ll mail it for you. Choose from a dozen stock gifts to go inside.

College Recruiting Giveaways BookWear

UGA is setting enrollment records. Their book has an insert card with important dates and contacts for the student.


Hundreds of campuses use this novel package for recruiting, orientation, alumni membership. The University of Southern California and University of Georgia have both ordered it for 15 years in a row.


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What is BookWear®?

You may be wondering what is BookWear®? BookWear® is a “book” that tells your unique story. The photos, graphics, and content of your college or university are printed on the cover.

Recruiting Giveaways


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About the Author:
Jack Gyr is the founder of BookWear®. He has helped countless colleges and universities develop highly effective college student recruiting strategies using BookWear. You can reach Jack by contacting BookWear directly, or connecting with him on LinkedIn.