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College Student Swag IdeasDon’t settle for run-of-the-mill swag ideas for college students. New and prospective college students love t-shirts and promotional products emblazoned with a logo, especially of universities and college campuses. And those college campuses love having students and prospective students parading around publically with their logo on display. Such swag ideas strike an emotional connection with college students, and they make for terrific marketing, recruiting, and orientation giveaways for colleges and universities!

So how to most effectively make this match? By making it a fun surprise; put the college or university story on a “book” and have compressed t-shirt inside. BookWear® puts the campus photos, graphics, logo and message on the “book” cover and a surprise gift inside (t-shirt or 30 other gifts). This is a patented, fun and effective way to bring a smile, story and SWAG gift to the student.

Hundreds of college campuses use BookWear® to tell their story. Many of them mail this “book” out like a thick postcard. It lands on thousands of students desks and gets noticed, read and opened, making it very effective for marketing, recruiting and promotions. The college can design the package or BookWear® will create it for them. See how Calvin College leverage BookWear as one of the most brilliant swag ideas for college students.

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BookWear Swag Ideas for College Students

“Think Deeply. Act Justly. Live Wholeheartedly.” That’s the title of the 2016 edition of the Calvin College book with their “Knights” T-shirt inside. We can all hope to live by this creed. It’s a surprise recruiting gift package for their prospective students. They’ve ordered this package with their message on it for six years. 3,900 pieces this year.

swag ideas for college students

As one of the most creative swag ideas for college students, this book can be mailed like a thick postcard. The back of the book has instructions for applying, with dates and contact information. It’s a complete package for a warm welcome and a “Thanks for considering Calvin!”. They get a high yield with this fun, surprising and creative “book”.

College Recruiting Giveaways

College recruiting giveaways can empower a university’s recruitment strategy and stimulate potential to acquire quality students. As an ideal supplement to any school’s college recruiting strategy, student giveaways provide a tangible means to engage with prospective college students and make them feel as one with the university.

Student Giveaways

“Surprise is the most powerful marketing tool.” Harvard Business Review, 2013


The most effective giveaways for college students are not only practical items, but surprising and meaningful gifts that contain inspiring, uplifting, and motivating messages.

If something like this seems like the ideal supplement to recruit more college students, then consider BookWear® college giveaways to be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.


What is BookWear®?

You may be wondering what is BookWear®? BookWear® is a “book” that tells your unique story. The photos, graphics, and content of your college or university are printed on the cover.

Inside BookWear® is a surprise giveaway which can be a number of useful items that college students will love, like compressed t-shirts, laundry bags, sunglasses, socks, and more. But what makes BookWear® truly better than most college student giveaways is that it can be custom-tailored with any logo, design elements, messaging, and more.

Choose from 24 awesome gifts to go inside BookWear®. Mail your giveaways to new or prospective students like a thick post card. You can do the mailing yourself or let our experienced team here at BookWear® handle the process for you. Our goal is to fulfill every order with 100% customer satisfaction.

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