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Promotional Giveaways for College Students

Are you seeking promotional giveaways for college students?  As the novel impression for college student recruiting, promotional giveaways by BookWear® can help you connect with prospective students on a more meaningful level. How? High school graduates have so much on their minds and so much “BUZZ” going on in their world that it takes a big “SURPRISE” to get their attention. To connect with them, your messaging must be the apex of creativity and originality.


BookWear® Promotional Giveaways for College Students

“Surprise is still the most powerful marketing tool.” – Harvard Business Review 2013

College Recruiting Giveaways BookWear

University-branded Giveaways for Prospective College Students

Promotional Giveaways for Students

Whether your message is “Congratulations on Your Admission” or “Welcome to Campus,” it gets read and opened with BookWear®. Your text and graphics go on the “book” cover and there’s a surprise gift inside. Choose from 30 different promotional giveaways to go inside: T-shirts, USB drives, flags, popcorn, puzzles and more.

You can design the book cover or we’ll do it for you. BookWear® staff has 35 years of graphic design, printing and packaging experience. Mail BookWear® like a thick postcard. Or we’ll do the fulfillment for you. We’ve produced and mailed 94,000 pieces for University of Georgia for the last eight years. Oberlin has used BookWear® for 14 years to give an emphatic “Welcome” to incoming students!!

There’s a reason why BookWear® offers the best investment as promotional giveaways for college students. Simply put: it works.

We’ve earned the trust of 650 colleges and universities that use BookWear® for promotions, marketing, recruiting, fundraising, capital campaigns and communications. They know the message will be read and remembered. It’s tangible, real and a surprise. College students take notice compared to the digital world where they get bombarded with thousands of messages.

Promotional Giveaways for First Year College Students

Promotional Giveaways for College Students

First year students are about to open a big door to a new world. It’s a momentous time in their lives. Make it all the more exciting and memorable with a “Welcome” package that’s TERRIFIC, not just normal. One that has your campus message and photos on it and a surprise gift inside.

If there’s a gift on your list that isn’t in our selection, let us know. The whole package gets customized with your personalized promotion and graphics/message on the cover. Want more information space for your promotion? If you supply an insert (donor card, campus map, coupon to the book store, brochure on your specialized programs, etc.) that’s ready-to-g,o we’ll insert it for free inside BookWear®. Samples of two different inserts are shown below.

promotional giveaways for university students

Orientation is another great place to use BookWear®. Imagine a first year college student that receives a unique package with your customized “Welcome” message just before they’re scheduled to visit campus. Inside is a gift, a schedule for orientation (like the card shown above) and photos of school landmarks. This student is warmed up and excited before they arrive. And if the gift is a T-shirt they’re already out wearing and showing off your brand!! There’s no better endorsement for your university than hundreds of excited people advertising for you!

Promotional products can be stale and common. Everybody has them. But your gift and story can have “EXCITEMENT” by being novel, creative and surprising.

College Student Promotional Giveaways

If you’re interested in using BookWear® as promotional giveaways for students, contact us and tell your story in a very special way. BookWear® has two patents on this surprising little “book”. In addition to higher education customers, hundreds of hospitals, businesses and non-profit organizations use BookWear® for their special messaging. It’s a promotion with a “PUNCH”!


Powerful Promotional Giveaways for College Students

Unlike other promotional giveaways for college students, BookWear® is a tangible and dimensional concept that offers limitless ideas to make novel impression. The cover is customized with your graphics and your unique message. Combined with the element of surprise, BookWear® is a compelling form of communication that cannot go overlooked.

Traditional promotional giveaways ideas are often stale and all too common, thereby lacking novelty, excitement, and effectiveness in their purpose. To truly connect and resonate with your target audience, you need some creative, unique, and interesting. BookWear® offers the foundation to make a meaningful connection, enabling you to get your message across in an amusingly offbeat way. So don’t settle for generic promotional giveaways. Strike a chord with each and every recipient, and invoke feelings of inspiration and enthusiasm for your cause by using BookWear®.


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Jack Gyr is the founder of BookWear®. He has helped countless colleges and universities develop highly effective college student recruiting strategies using BookWear. You can reach Jack by contacting BookWear directly, or connecting with him on LinkedIn.