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Recruiting Gifts

Recruiting Gifts by BookWear

Investing in creative and custom-tailored recruiting gifts can have a significant impact on almost any recruiting campaign. Whether to be used for college student recruitment or volunteer acquisition, recruiting gifts offer something tangible that recipients will surely appreciate.

The most effective recruitment gifts are not only creative, practical and useful, but also delivered unexpectedly – inducing emotions of surprise and excitement. If such compelling and engaging gifts sound like the ideal supplement to fuel your recruiting efforts, then look no further than BookWear®.

Recruiting Gifts Ideas

Recruiting Gifts That Grab Attention and Make a Statement

With a wide variety of options to choose, BookWear® offers an impressive selection of recruiting gifts that can be customized to suit your brand, business, institution, or cause. More than just a gift, BookWear® can be tailored with your message and packaged with any additional recruiting materials. Not only does your gift grab attention and engage your recipient, but it makes a statement that actually gets acknowledged.

What exactly is BookWear®?

BookWear® is a small package that looks like a book with your photos, graphics, and message custom printed on the cover. This “book,” which can be mailed like a thick post card, contains a surprise gift inside that is customized with your brand’s logo and design elements.

Recruitment Gifts

Why Choose BookWear® for Custom Recruiting Gifts?

BookWear® has empowered countless recruitment campaigns both large and small. With recruitment gift ideas spanning from custom t-shirts and hoodies to flashlights and flash drives, BookWear® offers 24 different products that can be custom-designed into the perfect recruiting gifts.

When you choose BookWear® for custom recruiting gifts, you get more than just a bundle of products. You get a full-service team composed of designers, product support specialists, and customer service representatives. Not only can we design your recruiting giveaways just the way you want, but we package any materials you want to include in each gift and deliver the gifts to your recipients.


Read What Customers Have to Say About BookWear®

Recruiting Gifts

BookWear® recruiting gifts generate results for all types of campaigns. See what some of our customers had to say about BookWear® as recruitment tool:

“We get a higher yield with BookWear® than with any other communications we’ve ever done!” – Case Western Reserve University

“BookWear® allows us to stand out from the clutter in the mail. The ‘Popcorn Pop Quiz’ campaign we did with BookWear® was both memorable and attention getting. More importantly it provided a significant ROI.” – Experian

“Ordering the BookWear® shirts was pleasurable and easy for me and the final product is great! Thank You. I look forward to working with you next year.”” – University of Nebraska, Omaha

Unlike conventional recruiting gifts that often get overlooked, BookWear® offers an engaging means to captivate your audience and convey your message. Custom recruiting gifts from BookWear® can resonate with all walks of life. With endless possibilities for customization and presentation, your gift can target recipients of all ages and all interests.


Recruiting Gifts That Make a Novel Impression

Unlike other recruiting gifts, BookWear® is a tangible and dimensional concept that offers limitless ideas to make novel impression. The cover is customized with your graphics and your unique message. Combined with the element of surprise, BookWear® is a compelling form of communication that cannot go overlooked.

Traditional recruiting gift ideas are often stale and all too common, thereby lacking novelty, excitement, and effectiveness in their purpose. To truly connect and resonate with your target audience, you need some creative, unique, and interesting. BookWear® offers the foundation to make a meaningful connection, enabling you to get your message across in an amusingly offbeat way. So don’t settle for generic recruiting gifts. Strike a chord with each and every recipient, and invoke feelings of inspiration and enthusiasm for your cause by using BookWear®.


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