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BookWear® Employee Thank You Gifts

Employee thank you gifts can be one of the most encouraging and empowering acts of kindness an organization can deliver.

Saying “Thank You” to employees is uplifting to your team. It’s a positive sign of teamwork, camaraderie and employee appreciation. It’s a statement that reverberates and picks up momentum and morale.

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Employee Appreciation Gifts That Are Meaningful & Creative

Whether your gifts are intended to go to employees, volunteers and/or donors, a sincere thank you gift will build a stronger base of goodwill. Say it emphatically on the cover of your “book” with BookWear®. 

BookWear® offers a wide range of employee thank you gifts to show appreciation in an impactful manner. Below we show examples of how other organizations have used BookWear® has creative, meaningful, and useful employee appreciate gifts. Choose from a collection of items that can be custom tailored to your company’s brand.

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Turbo Tax: Employee Thank You Gifts

Show appreciation by saying “Thank you” to employees for product improvement or “Welcome” to new staff. TurboTax uses BookWear® as a gift to say “As a small token of our thanks, please accept this limited edition TurboTax Inner Circle T-shirt. We invite you to send in pictures of you wearing your T-shirt and we’ll feature you on our Web site… Thanks for playing a part in improving TurboTax.”


Creative Ideas for Employee Thank You Gifts

Your photographs and message go on the “book” cover, and inside is a surprise gift. The recipient is compelled to read and open your book because it’s obviously different, creative and has a mystery inside. People love surprises and studies show that their awareness is heightened by them. Use this to raise awareness of your message. “Surprise is the most powerful marketing tool” reports Harvard Business Review (May 2013).

Blackbaud: Employee Encouragement Gifts

“I work, I play, I help”. Blackbaud used their book to both encourage and thank their employees on becoming involved with volunteering and community building. Blackbaud writes software for nonprofit fundraising and connects their employees with the broader mission of helping people, like the girl pictured on their cover. “Where the code you write today can improve all of her tomorrows”. “It’s about individuals wanting to make a difference, being part of the community, and working to serve nonprofits.”


Iowa Hospitals: Employee Thank You Gifts

There are 24 hospitals in Iowa that use BookWear® to say “Thank You” to their employees in a novel way. Their message is “Caring for people is a massive responsibility, yet you have chosen to care and to make a difference. And for that we say ‘Thank You’.” When it comes offering meaningful employee thank you gifts that show sincere appreciation, Iowa hospitals is a prime example.


Conservation Resource Alliance: Member Appreciation Gifts

“Thank you for your interest and support!” is a statement to members of the Conservation Resource Alliance. CRA gives one of their artfully designed T-shirts to members and donors in appreciation for their involvement. The shirt reminds the recipients of the CRA message for years and it also advertises for CRA.


Employee Thank You Gifts Made Easy

You can mail BookWear® like a postcard or we’ll mail it for you. As you can imagine, in a pile of mail this little book will surely be opened. There are 24 surprise gifts to choose from inside BookWear®: compressed t-shirts, USB memory stick, lapel pins, flashlights, etc. Or, we can package your own custom thank you gift for your employees. It’s fun and creative to make your messaging surprising. You can design the book cover or we’ll design it for you.


BookWear® Appreciate Gifts for Employees 

Unlike other employee thank you gifts, BookWear® is a tangible and dimensional concept that offers limitless ideas to make novel impression. The cover is customized with your graphics and your unique message. Combined with the element of surprise, BookWear® is a compelling form of communication that cannot go overlooked.

Traditional appreciation gifts for employees are often stale and all too common, thereby lacking novelty, excitement, and effectiveness in their purpose. To truly connect and resonate with your target audience, you need some creative, unique, and interesting. BookWear® offers the foundation to make a meaningful connection, enabling you to get your message across in an amusingly offbeat way. So don’t settle for generic employee thank you gifts. Strike a chord with each and every recipient, and invoke feelings of inspiration and enthusiasm for your cause by using BookWear®.


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