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Custom Corporate Gifts from BookWear®

If you’re looking for custom corporate gifts that can be given for prospecting, recruiting, or say “thank you” to employees, then BookWear® could be your best investment.

Whether for recruiting, to show appreciation, or to give as gifts, a corporate communicators dream is to have an audience’s rapt attention like a juggler or magician.

But instead of flaming torches and disappearing rabbits, a communicator’s tools are media and messages. To make them equally dramatic these tools must be novel, creative and surprising to captivate the audience.

To be effective, communicators know they must be different. BookWear® is a surprise that offers a customized gift for all types of corporate contexts.

By using BookWear® for corporate gifts or communications, you can deliver your message with your graphics and text on the “book” cover. The recipient of the gift feels compelled to open it because it’s attractive and intriguing.


BookWear® Offers Custom Corporate Gifts for Many Contexts

What’s inside BookWear®? There are obviously no pages to this book. Instead, you can choose from 24 customizable and functional gifts that go inside BookWear®. Each custom gift gets printed with your corporate logo.

Every time the gift is used, it reminds the recipient of you, your brand, and your message. It’s not magic but it’s momentous in communicating your appreciation because BookWear® gets attention and is remembered!

Customize the Ideal Corporate Gifts for Your Audience

Whether for the holidays or to say thank you, conventional corporate gifts often fail to engage their recipients. Avoid letting your message go unheard. Make your story a best-seller with custom corporate gifts you know will be seen, read and remembered.

You can custom design the book or the experts at BookWear® will design it for you. Take a look at our testimonials page for samples that may catalyze ideas for your own graphics, text and layout. There’s a video on our homepage with an introduction to this unique and creative “book” at, which can inspire many different custom corporate gifts.

It can be a “Thank You!” message to staff and volunteers, or a corporate recruiting or marketing message. Your story becomes outstanding with BookWear®. There’s nothing like BookWear®. It’s a completely patented idea, and it’s fun and effective for corporate gifts and various other communications.

It’s designed, printed and packaged in the USA by a company that’s been producing creative graphics for 35 years. You can mail BookWear® corporate gifts like a postcard or we’ll mail it for you. Make your order easy and seamless by having it produced, packaged and fulfilled by BookWear®.


Inspiration for Custom Corporate Gifts

The gift inside BookWear® can be a T-shirt, USB drive (preloaded with your files), sunglasses, custom puzzle or twenty other gifts. Your logo is seen every time the gift is used. Plus it was a surprise married to your message so the recipient is reminded of your story every time they use the gift. Imagine how many times your logo gets seen on a T-shirt worn by that person, and the amount of goodwill it spreads for your organization. There’s a exponential effect to BookWear® when used for corporate gifts.

Virtual communications and social media are flooding everyone’s airwaves. This makes tangible messaging even more noticeable. Give your communications impact by making it novel, creative and fun. No flaming torches here, but a surprise package and gift that lights the fire of attention. When it comes to custom corporate gifts, BookWear® is tops among the clutter.


Custom Corporate Gifts by BookWear®

Unlike other custom corporate gifts, BookWear® is a tangible and dimensional concept that offers limitless ideas to make novel impression. The cover is customized with your graphics and your unique message. Combined with the element of surprise, BookWear® is a compelling form of communication that cannot go overlooked.

Traditional employee thank you gifts are often stale and all too common, thereby lacking novelty, excitement, and effectiveness in their purpose. To truly connect and resonate with your target audience, you need some creative, unique, and interesting. BookWear® offers the foundation to make a meaningful connection, enabling you to get your message across in an amusingly offbeat way. So don’t settle for generic custom corporate gift ideas. Strike a chord with each and every recipient, and invoke feelings of inspiration and enthusiasm for your cause by using BookWear®.



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