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Case Studies: Corporate PR & Promotional Giveaways

“Start With The Best”

is the statement on the front of the book by Coet & Coet CPA’s. They wrote a short story of their accounting business. “Regardless of the size of your business, it is difficult to keep up with today’s financial rules and regulations. Tax planning and preparation are our specialties.” Inside was a customized 100 sheet notepad with their logo printed on every page. On the back they listed their services like Budget Control, Payroll Preparation, Financial Statements, etc. with details about each of them. Like any good book, it had customer reviews on the back, making a novel and creative statement of their services.

“Turbo-Charge Your Message”

TurboTax did with a BookWear® that went out to their beta testers. The message on the book cover is a “Thank You” to hundreds of people who help shape future editions of their software. It’s a small but significant way to express their thanks and appreciation, and galvanize team spirit. The corporate giveaway inside was a TurboTax t-shirt.

Listen Up! This is ‘Sound Marketing.’

Ciner is a mining company in Wyoming with offices globally. They wanted novel marketing/PR product for recruiting engineers. We produced a book with text about their “Great People, Great Product” and their “ongoing commitment to safety, technological improvements and unparalleled customer support that has uniquely positioned us to meet global demands for decades to come.” This is a company that lets people know they are listening and moving forward. The gift inside was earbuds, also handy for listening. It’s one of the most effective branded corporate giveaways we made.

These Shirts Fly – by air mail!

Harbor Fish Market in Portland, Maine has ordered a postcard version compressed T for five years (page 1 of BookWear® brochure). So does Timbers Restaurant in Sanibel Island, Florida. Like a postcard, these have a front image and a full back label to write a message and an address and affix postage. This can also be done with our BookWear® “book” version. It’s perfect for a gift shop like Harbor Fish where their customers want to send a memento back home in a fun way. It’s creative, compact and fun. Airport gift shops are another likely customer because this makes a quick, compact gift.

Popcorn for Aeronautics

Here is airborne popcorn. Enviro, an aerospace company, ordered BookWear® with popcorn in May through ProServ distributors. They have reordered because it gives a “Pop” to their story. It’s a gift for their customers with an incentive to go to their website. Popcorn often has a “Pop Quiz” printed on the popcorn bag followed by a “For the answers to the pop quiz go to www._________.” It becomes a tool for driving traffic to any website. In this case the popcorn bag encourages people to share their photograph on the website. It’s a message with a “pop”.

“Best Customers” Deserve Extra

PDQ means “Parts Delivered Quickly”. Their marketing campaign focused on their BEST CUSTOMERS by giving them a “book” with the company story/photos on the cover. Inside was a surprise flashlight. A return postcard was enclosed, making it easy for the recipient to order the number of catalogs wanted. A simple and great campaign for customer appreciation!

The Ideal Opportunity

Everyone likes an “Ideal Opportunity”. This one is in a novel form. The Bank of New York Mellon composed this “book” and targeted it toward talented prospects. Inside was a T-shirt and an insert card with additional text: “With us, you’ll be challenged and motivated as you collaborate on diverse projects while being inspired by the finest leaders in the industry. Come discover a world of opportunity for yourself at the Bank of New York Mellon.”

Savor Life and Food!

The Culinary Institute of America is known internationally for its cooking school. Six times they’ve used BookWear® as a recruiting tool for prospective students. “At the culinary Institute of America, we all share an incredible passion for food, a passion that can be summed up in one simple but profound statement. Food is Life.”

They teach cooking. BookWear® adds spice to their message.