Mail BookWear® like a thick postcard.
We'll mail it for you.


Details about BookWear used in recruiting, marketing, and promotion

Choose from more than twenty imprintable gifts to pack inside your custom BookWear® book. Whether you’re recruiting, marketing or fundraising, BookWear® will cover your college, corporate or medical campaign! Minimum orders for most products is 100 pieces.

We choose products for BookWear® that are functional, high quality, imprintable with your logo, and have a high value for the cost. We favor products that have limited environmental impact. Please call us to request a product if there is one you would like but don’t see here. Click on the categories below to access details on the various products within those headings.

Promotional Products

In addition to BookWear® we have years of experience with 400,000 Promotional Products available to be branded with your logo. Our staff would be glad to source any of those for you.