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Association: Marketing, Fundraising, Membership


Donors, members and volunteers are the lifeblood of nonprofit associations. Effective and compelling communications are the catalyst that can energize your patrons to become involved and spread your message for you.

Milford Regional: front and back photos.

“We are proud and grateful to have so many members of the community offer their time, talent and financial support to Milford Regional. Your generosity allows us to continue serving patients with dignity, compassion and respect.” In addition to that message this book was an emphatic “Thank You” to the hospital patrons. And that message will be remembered every time the shirt inside is worn.

Whether you’re a hospital, museum, library or other association you want patrons and volunteers to know your activities and your appreciation for their time and contributions. Make your message count by making it creative and unique.

Mercy Corps, OneSight: front and back.

OneSight® uses BookWear® as an intro to their global work collecting and distributing eyeglasses. They list their mission and how “You Can Help” on the back of the book. MercyCorps is another international organization that uses BookWear® to spread their brand and message. “Your generous gift makes a real difference in the lives of children and families around the world. Thank You!” The photos, text, gift and unique package work together to make your message seen and remembered.

Hope Hospital: front and back, puzzle.

Fundraising is essential to any association. BookWear® is very effective for front-end (soliciting funds) or back-end campaigns (typically “Thank You” pieces). The cancer clinic above used BookWear® for a capital campaign, to invite potential donors to their groundbreaking. It also gave information of “Who, What, When, Where” of their activities. It was mailed out like a postcard and had so much response that they immediately reordered. Inside was a puzzle of an artists’ rendering of their proposed building. The clinic is now complete and beautiful and they were thrilled with the messaging effectiveness of BookWear®.

Conservation Resource Alliance (CRA): 8 book lineup and 3 shirts.

Conservation Resource Alliance has used BookWear® for many years as a promotion of their environmental activities. Each year they have new art and a message on the back of the book: “Membership is the backbone of CRA: people donating their time and money — people not afraid to get a little dirt under their nails. With work spanning 13 counties, CRA has shown what like-minded people who share a love for Michigan’s rivers, lakes and wildlife can accomplish. CRA members find it easy to identify each other by our distinctive member T-shirt featuring the artwork of renowned watercolor artist Richard Forrest. Please wear it proudly, knowing your contributions are helping save our natural resources.”

BookWear Books: NLM, SCDOE, IAAO, Frisco Museum puzzle.

Keep your patrons informed and energized and they will spread your story and grow your organization. It’s essential to motivate them in a special way and you can do that with the unique messaging and surprise gift inside BookWear®.

One of the best ways to get started on your story for a BookWear® cover is to look at samples shown on this website. Scroll through these pages and look at layouts, stories and colors that work for your application. You can design it or we’ll design it for you. Consider your event and what the theme is. Gather supporting photographs, graphics and text. If there are specific school or company colors you wish to use make them prominent or at least present in the background. If you want to insert additional material inside the “book”, if you supply the piece ready-to-go we will insert it for free.

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