Mail BookWear® like a thick postcard.
We'll mail it for you.


BookWear Is Important To Many Organizations And Is Used In Many Contexts

Recruit Students

A surprise package with your message on it will attract students' attention. Put your campus text and graphics on this mysterious "book" cover. There's a surprise gift inside. This book gets read and opened. Choose from 12 stock gifts or request a unique one. Tell your story on the cover and introduce students to a new chapter of their lives. Mail it like a thick postcard or we'll mail it for you.

Corporate Marketing

Communication is the key to a healthy team. San Juan Healthcare did such a good job that they won a national clinical excellence award. They communicated to their 2,000 staff with a big "THANK YOU" on this book cover. There was an embroidered polo shirt inside as a gift. When they won the award again two years later they reordered the same package. It gets noticed and remembered. Communicate with your staff in a big way, a novel and tangible way.

Tangible Messaging

There's an overload of electronic messaging. Your message on a tangible little package make the words become real. Pick it up, Read It, Feel It, Mail It, Open It! Your graphics and text go on the cover of this little "book". There's a surprise gift inside. Mail it like a thick postcard. When it lands on anyone's desk it gets opened and remembered.

Let your message "POP", literally. This cover has the headline "Pop Quiz" because inside is a bag of popcorn that has a custom quiz on it. The instructions lead students on a scavenger hunt of the campus website. That was even a prize for answering the questions. This was used to drive traffic to the campus website.

Branding - Peer Parade

Want to get your campus logo viewed 60,000+/- times? Every year USC admissions orders 6,000 BookWear®, for 17 years in a row. "Welcome" and "Congratulations on your admission" headlines are on the book cover. There's a compressed t-shirt inside with the USC Trojans logo. This package gets mailed to accepted students. A majority will read/open the book. Let's say 5,000 of them wear the shirt four times. If three people see them each time that's 60,000 views. More likely they will wear the shirt for a year, say 10 times, and more realistically 10 of their peers see it each wearing. That's half a million views, and that's probably a minimum. An important feature is that their "peers" will see it. That's probably the audience you want for recruiting. Your campus logo on parade and viewed by the right audience! Great marketing!

Fun Fundraising

Need to raise money? This capital campaign raised millions of dollars for a new hospital addition. The "book" cover had a rendering of their proposed cancer wing. Inside was a custom puzzle with the same image. There was also a trifold pamphlet inserted with the "Who, What, When, Where, Why" about their services and financial aspirations. The committee originally ordered 2,800 of these little books and mailed them out. That hit a gold-rush response and they sent an email; "The BookWear® with puzzles are absolutely beautiful!! You all did a fantastic job. So good in fact, that they are almost gone! How long does a reorder take?" They ordered again, and then again. They raised millions of dollars with this creative package.

- Make it Different

There's plenty of hormones, adrenaline and energy in the brain vortex of any prospective student. "How to Keep Your Head from Exploding: a practical guide for the soon-to-be college student" is one approach to humor and containment of that cranial caldron. You can choose from 12 stock gifts to go inside this little custom book: embroidered beanies, Bluetooth earbuds, sunglasses, compressed t-shirts, etc. All customized with your campus logo. All mailable like a thick postcard. Or you can request other surprise gifts. Make your marketing explode, not your skull.

"Your Future is so Bright You're Going to Need These". That's the headline on the cover of this book package. You create the graphics and message (or we'll do it) for the cover and this little surprise package creates the excitement. There's an insert card inside for added content. Mail it like a thick postcard or we'll mail it for you. Look at the other stock gifts to go inside the book.

It takes a "LEAP" to jump into law school. We produce "books" for many law schools that soften that landing for new students. The book covers often have a "WELCOME" message, opening a friendly campus door to their new chapter of life. Tell your campus story on this book with graphics, photos and text. Put a surprise gift inside and mail it to your list like a thick postcard. It will get opened and remembered.

"We get a higher yield with BookWear® than with any other communications."
Case Western Reserve University

“SURPRISE is the most powerful marketing tool.” Harvard Business Review.

BookWear® is a SURPRISE. It looks like a book. The cover is customized with your graphics and message.
Inside is a gift. Tangible and dimensional packaging gets attention. Add surprise to that and this “book” cannot sit on anyone’s desk without getting read and opened!

Whether for healthcare marketing, corporate branding, nonprofit fundraising, or college recruiting giveaways, BookWear® is a versatile and compelling communications tool used for many contexts. Choose from 30 gifts, or supply your own. Mail BookWear® like a thick postcard.

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