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How BookWear® Can Empower Your Recruiting Strategy

In today’s modern age, a recruiting strategy includes a creative blend of communication, media, technology, and timing. Whether through digital messages via social media or tangible communications delivered to your doorstep, the spectrum of approaches is vast.

The logistical complexities of your recruiting message deliver can be a vast collection of emails, direct mails, phone calls, ads, social media posts, and so on. However, the premise of your recruiting message is still simple in its very essence. Your message must be novel, creative, and surprising.

BookWear® offers limitless potential to deliver your recruiting message with a high response rate. Because BookWear® is a tangible gift (often composed of a custom t-shirt, flash drive or flashlight) with your message, recipients are engaged in what you have to offer.

Custom T-Shirts Traverse City, Michigan

All types of recruiters, spanning from college student recruiters to fundraiser coordinators, can empower their recruiting strategy with BookWear®. One of the best gifts we recommend for college student giveaways are custom t-shirts.

Here at BookWear®, we have adapted our screen printing systems parallel to changing technology. When we screen print custom t-shirts for our customers, we use some the best and most cutting-edge systems available. The finished product is a custom batch of t-shirts that offer clean and exceptional quality prints.

So whether your target list is composed of 100 or 1,000 recipients, our packages are custom tailored for each customer. Let us help you with your recruiting strategy, and contact us to learn more.