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Corporate: Marketing and Recruiting


It’s a fact that people remember surprises! Corporate advertising is a jam-packed crowded world full of noise, media and messages. Marketers and recruiters need effective communications to stand-out from that crowd. Combine creativity, your graphics, text and a unique package and you’ll get people’s attention. Add a surprise to that and you’ve got them captivated!

BookWear is graphics, photos, text and a surprising package that has a gift inside (which doubles the surprise). Put it in someone’s hand and they feel compelled to read and open it.

You can design the “book” or we’ll design it for you. Marketing, recruiting, fundraising, human resources and public relations are the most common themes. For example, twenty eight hospitals in Iowa use BW to say “Thank You” to their employees. In the examples above, Blackbaud and JE Dunn use BW for recruiting staff. The front of the Blackbaud book reads “I work, I play, I help, I am Blackbaud. Blackbaud isn’t just about technology. It’s about individuals wanting to make a difference, being part of the community, and working to serve nonprofits. Are you Blackbaud?” It’s a creative call to programmers and software engineers who want more than just a job. And once they open the book and put on their Blackbaud t-shirt, they’re identifying with the company and also advertising for them. It’s effective.

“As a small token of our thanks, please accept this limited edition TurboTax Inner Circle T-shirt. We invite you to send in pictures of you wearing your T-shirt to us and we’ll feature you on our website.” How’s that for generating team spirit!? It’s the message on the back of this book for TurboTax. Notice that the book is designed, and mailed like a postcard. You can mail BW We'll mail it for you.

Select from a variety of products that go inside BW. Typically, your logo goes on the gift. The online catalog lists products, quantities and prices. T-shirts, flashlights, USB drives, tote bags, and a host of other functional gifts that will enhance your brand.

Put a BW package in someone’s hand and they’ll read it and open it. Design it with your company’s logo, products and graphics. Add your unique gift inside and you’ve got a communications medium that is unique, patented, and effective. Tell your story!

Contact your preferred distributor for BookWear® information and ordering. If you need a distributor referred to you please email info@bookwear.net. Thank You!
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About the Author:
Jack Gyr is the founder of BookWear®. He has helped countless colleges and universities develop highly effective college student recruiting strategies using BookWear®. You can reach Jack by contacting BookWear® directly, or connecting with him on Facebook or Google+.